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We connect Africa and Europe. A modern and elegant way to advertise your business on line. We provide you with a unique tool that presents your company profile in a complete, up-to-date and customer-friendly way. Our mission is to improve economic relations between Spain and Africa meriodional through economics, tourist and cultural projects.

We connect Europe and Africa

We help you to know the reality of African markets and the reality of European markets.

Our sector reports will help you better understand the situation of European markets and which is the best option for your products and services.

We analyze economically and geographically, markets, consumers, suppliers and products.

In addition to offering legal and logistical support for your strategic movements.

We connect Europe and Africa because the future is today.

Business in Europe

If you are looking for a business partner in Europe, we help you find it. If you are looking to export or import from or to Spain, we help you find partners and products. Companies and professionals are in a position to do business with African companies, our team allows us to find the best partner for your projects. Or the best seller, or the best buyer, etc.


ProdAfrica. We connect Europe and Africa